Swamp Music Players, retro swamp rocknroll

Swamp Music Players : Youtube Channel

Still In Hollywood a cover song music lyric video Swamp Music Players
Lyric video and Dragon’s Lair tribute, A cover of the Concrete Blonde rock classic “Still In Hollywood”

The Dark End Of The Street is an Americana cover song
A Cosmic American music, a sexy Americana music video

Crowd Pleaser is country rock retro futurism by Swamp Music Players
Southern Rock anthem featuring Virginia artist Joseph Gearheart

Believe It Or Not is theme music for The Greatest American Hero

The Cars Cruiser cover song lyrics video by retro Swamp Music Players
A tribute to The Cars and Elliot Easton

Hazmat by Swamp Music Players is an apocalyptic fallout song
A rocknroll swamp rock song about the end of the world

Softail to Sturgis a ride or die love song by Swamp Music Players
A motorcycle romance

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